Mabruk Project

General Context

Concession C17 is located onshore in the western part of the Sirte basin in Libya, 130 km southern of Sirte and around 30 km west of Waha Oil Company’s Bahi production facilities.

On December 19th 1992, a Development and Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA) was executed between NOC as First party and Mabruk Oil Operations as Second Party. The DPSA was ratified by the General People’s Committee of the GSPLAJ on March 20th 1993. The DPSA was amended on November 7th 1998 and was ratified by the General People Committee in 2000. The contract will expire in March 2028.

Participating Interest


Since the date of ratification of the DPSA, Mabruk Oil Operations mainly proceeded with:

The West Mabruk development plan was based on a peripheral water injection scheme with horizontal producers (77 wells: 42 producers, 28 injectors and 7 water producers) and a process treatment capacity of 25,000 blpd able to both accommodate 20,000 bopd or 80% water cut.

  • A long term testing of A1 ( Garian producer) and A4 (Dahra producer) through existing Mabruk facilities
  • Deepening of well A68 in Garian North.
  • Drilling and test of another Garian well: A-97
  • 2D & 3D seismic acquisition in 2000 (2D in Garian N and 3D in East Mabruk)
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