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Aljurf Project


C 137 Block is located in the western part of Libyan offshore zone, extending up to about 100 km from the coast, along with the Tunisian border. The license originates from a first contract awarded to AQUITAINE LIBYE in 1968. After various relinquishments, it is now divided into 2 zones, North and South, totalling 3184 km2. It is ruled under the amended EPSA 74, ratified by Libyan authorities on 12th April 1997 and valid until 11th April 2017 (plus 5 years in case of production extension).

Participating Interest


For the exploration and appraisal phase, the operatorship is insured by TEP Libye. For the development phase the operatorship will be insured through an Operator’s Committee by Mabruk Oil Operations, the Operating Company for the TOTAL assets in Libya.

Discovery and Appraisal
  • From 1968 to date 17 wells have been drilled on block 137 N & S out of which 7 did encounter hydrocarbons ;
  • The “B” discovery well (B1a-137) has been drilled in 1975 and was oil and gas bearing in lower Eocene.
  • A first appraisal well (B2-137) has been drilled in 1983 but was water bearing.
  • Following a 3D seismic acquisition carried out in 1997/1998, a second appraisal well (B3-137) has been drilled late 1998.
  • Was able to secure the water oil contact and to test the oil in the main reservoir.