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March 26, 2018

Electronic Documents Management System

Announcement of (Tendering)
For Implementing an EDMS System “Electronic Documents
Management System” For Projects and Engineering Department (E&P)

MABRUK OIL OPERATIONS (MOO) Invites specialized technical companies in the field of Managing Engineering and projects workflow and documentation to expedite the submission of all documents related to the bid for the implementation of the system
mentioned below.
System Location:
Projects and Engineering Department at
company headquarters in Tripoli with
connection of its premises at Fields of Mabruk
and Al Jurf locally by company Intranet and
the option of connecting online in future for
company upcoming future projects.

Download EDM Tendering

This announcement will remain on the NOC
and the company website until 12:00 pm on
Sunday 08/04/2018 and the deadline for
collecting the bid documents is Sunday,
15/04/2018 at 12:00 noon local time.
Companies who are wishing to participate
must provide their company profile with history
of experience, Former clients along with their
offers as per the requirement of the bid
including an electronic copy in a sealed
envelope and to be sent (or hand delivered)
before 12:00 pm on Sunday 29/04/2018 at
12:00 noon local time at the following address:
Mabruk Oil Operations (MOO)
Ref. Implementation of projects and
Engineering department EDMS
“Electronic Documents Management
Dhat El Imad Complex,
Tripoli – Libya
Attn.: Munir NEMRI
Projects & Engineering Manager
email: munir.nemri@mabruk-oil.comTel:
+218 21 336 0131(Direct line)
Tel: +218 21 335 0401 Ext. 1202
Fax: +218 21 335 0584
Secretary Ext. 1254