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December 25, 2017

Al Jurf Site Restoration and Decommissioning Study

Mabruk Oil Operations (hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY) invites interested local and international companies (or their representatives) specialized in providing “Site Restoration and Decommissioning Studies” for onshore  and offshore oil fields to submit to COMPANY their completed pre-qualification documents, for evaluation and preparation of a bidders list, as COMPANY intends shortly to issue a Call for Tender for “Al Jurf Site Restoration and Decommissioning Study” to support its operations

Field location:

Al Jurf field contract area 15,16&32 Ex. (C137) is an offshore field located about 130 kilometers to the North-West of Tripoli, Libya, at the coordinates:
Longitude: 12º  03′ 34″
Latitude : 33º  51′ 42″
as described below:

Scope of Services:

To conduct abandonment and restoration study to determine and obtain cost estimate for Al Jurf site restoration and decommissioning
Abandonment” means, the abandonment activities, including but not limited to:
–       Plugging and abandonment of wells,
–       Decommissioning and removal of all plants and facilities
–       Restorations of sites used for petroleum operations hereunder to a standard required under the laws and regulations of Libyan state and in accordance with good oilfield practices


This announcement will remain posted on the National Oil Cooperation & Mabruk Oil Operations websites until 12:00 hrs. local time, 28/02/2018. The last date to receive the Pre-qualification documents is 05/03/2018 at 12:00 hrs. local time. Accordingly, all interested companies should submit the required Pre-qualification information (Pre-qualification questionnaire) no later than this date. Any document submitted after this date will be disregarded.
PQI announcment- 05-02-2018